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Our range of products includes machines for the Honing of bores with diameters ranging from dia 5.00 mm - 300 mm and bore lengths of up to 3000 mm. With high precision and high accuracy. Based on the customer requirement, we provide the best solutions for small to large series of production. The combination of Innovative design and latest technology makes our products efficient.


Cylinder Bore Plateau Honing Tools

Our Range of Honing tools starts from the dia 5.00 mm to 300 mm with Single & Multiple expansion systems for low, mid and high production applications. With our tooling systems, we guarantee the highest level of efficiency, optimized surfaces and highly accurate bore geometries.
Whether you use Pro B Products equipment or Non – Pro B Product equipment. In addition, we offer a full line of replacement tooling from other manufacturers.

honing jobworks

Being experts in honing technology, we are offering Honing Job work for Component honing, from the range of dia 5.00 to 60 dia bores.  We have the complete set up with Vertical and Horizontal machines suitable to Hone Automotive and Hydraulic parts with high precision as per the specific customer requirements.

probproducts services

Our Services includes Reconditioning of Honing Tools and providing accessories like tools, fixtures & Spindle units for Pro B Make honing machines & Non – Pro B Products machines.